Olena Gudz Danko

Olena Gudz Danko,

Integrative and Culinary Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Think “good nutrition” is code for a life of culinary deprivation? Then let Olena offer some food for thought...

As a registered and licensed dietitian and a formally trained pastry chef, Olena knows that enjoying delicious meals is a cornerstone of a well-lived life. “I don’t believe in ‘bad’ foods,” says the professional culinarian. “Instead, I help my clients achieve a life-affirming balance between enjoying great-tasting dishes and honoring their body’s needs for sound nutrition.” 


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Olena’s 3 Top Tips for Optimal Health…

Prioritize Health

Make health a top priority in your life; a worthwhile investment with great rewards.

Cook at Home

Embrace cooking at home. It’s cost-conscious, allows you to better control what goes into your body, and is fun way to experiment with different ingredients and cuisine.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is key for so many things! Find at least one activity to do for exercise that you enjoy so you will more likely remain dedicated.

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